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2024 Postmark Rubber Stamp


Postmarks are unique and fascinating as stamps themselves. Get ready to add a dash of charm to your craft collection with our new 2024 postmark wooden rubber stamps! Inspired by the whimsical world of postmarks, these stamps capture the essence of real postmarks and precanceled stamps found on mail items.

Each of them features a design of postmark for the year of 2024. They would be great for adding personal touches especially when use with your vintage tickets, paper collection, vintage/decorative postage stamps. 

About 甲辰 (Year of the Dragon)

According to the Chinese calendar, the year 2024 will be the Year of the Wood Dragon (甲辰 jiǎchén). Created for delivery or record in the year of Wood Dragon (2024).


About 癸卯特别邮信局 (Special Post Office for Year of Dragon)

甲辰 means "the year of dragon";

特别邮信局  means "special post office";

年月日 means "year month day", empty column designed for date.

This postmark is inspired by folded mail. The postmark is folded, like our folded life, flexible yet left with traces.


About 肆 (Four) 

肆 means "four" in Japanese and Chinese languages.


About 是日記錄

“記錄“ means to record, to document, to remember, to archive.

“是日記錄“ means to today's record.


About 一期一會

"一期一會" is a Japanese phrase to admonish you that the very moment you are meeting each other is the once-in-a-lifetime event. In other words, treasure every moment. This phrase is also used as the name of Midori 1Day1Page Diary Book.



"MMXXIV" is 2024 in roman numeral.


About 是日限定

“是日限定“ means limited for today only.


About Postmark with Pandas

Excitingly, two of the new designs feature adorable pandas, each with their own playful rendition holding postal stamps. As someone who's recently found solace in the comforting presence of pandas during stressful times, I'm thrilled to share this happiness with all of you.

Let's spread some panda cheer together! 🐼✨


About Guilt-free record

We believe that every mundane moment matters. Daily life is made up of millions of moments and small things including those ordinary and mundane ones. Yet, there might be times that we do not feel like documenting our days in the journal. Sometime, I wish to leave this day blank. Maybe I will get back to it again someday in the future?


About the Customise Country/State/City Postmark (Oval shape/XL size)

This postmark stamp design will include the map, name of country/state/province and the year (2024) in both Arabic and /or roman numerals.

Please kindly note that there are existing designs that are prepared and ready for this stamp. Users are not allowed to request changes or to include/exclude any contents. It will be chosen according to the country/state/province stated in your shipping address, unless mention otherwise in your note during checkout. 

Additional time might be required for certain locations.


About previous designs...

We have revised some of our popular designs in previous years with the year changed to 2024. Discover them here. You are still able to purchase 2023 postmark designs here too! 

Each piece of rubber stamp is assembled by hand with care and attention. We hope this creation will add some sparks in your everyday journaling, mailing, crafting and keep exploring new possibilities. 

Let's looking forward to meet again in 2024! 

Size: Approx. (L) ⌀2.3cm ; (M) 1.5cm; (S) 1cm; (Oval) H3.3xW2.3cm

Designed by SOM Studio

Made in Malaysia