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Shachihata Daily Log Stamp (Stamp Body w/wo Master Part)


The Daily Log Stamp is designed to help individuals record their daily events with ease and creativity. It enables users to imprint an illustration frame alongside the date, simplifying the process of jotting down daily logs in notebooks or planners. While rotating rubber stamps and daters were primarily used in office settings, their usage has expanded into hobbies like journal decoration and diary-keeping.

Enhance the cuteness with colourful arrangement!

Using oil-based stamp pads, users can add colour to these imprints using water-based pens, elevating the daily routine into a more enjoyable and vibrant experience.

Product Highlights

- Easy date adjustment by rotating the dial on the date belt.

- Interchangeable master parts to switch between various imprint designs for different purposes.

- Allows creative colouring through the use of stamp pads and water-based pens.

Stamp Size: 37×37x80.5mm

Brand: Shachihata

Made in Japan