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Shachihata Connectable Symbol Stamp


Shachihata's Symbols Stamp Set, a versatile collection designed to enhance your organisational and creative endeavours. This set features an array of symbols, including circles, squares, stars, hyphens, and colons, each with an imprint size of 3.2 x 2.3mm, providing clarity and precision in every impression.

Ideal for planners, journals, or documentation needs, this set enables users to conveniently mark pages or items with essential symbols for categorisation, organisation, or creative embellishments. With an emphasis on functionality and usability, this set offers a range of symbols, ensuring flexibility in various contexts.

This connectable stamp also comes in perpetual calendar (English/Japanese) and numbering.  


Stamp Size: 2.3×3.2mm

Packaging Size: 55x25x60mm

Brand: Shachihata

Made in Japan