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partialafra Rubber Stamp Collection: 备忘录/Mantras/文字游戏 (Memo/Words Game)


An enchanting stamp collection by Afra, a beloved figure in the journaling community known for her inspiring creativity and beautifully crafted layouts.

Each stamp in this collection features Afra’s elegant handwriting, capturing short, uplifting phrases perfect for embedding into your daily journaling. From gentle reminders to motivational mantras, these stamps are designed to add a touch of personal reflection and inspiration to your pages.

Embrace the beauty of handwritten words and let Afra’s creations inspire you daily.


A. Go out fo ___

Size: 35x15mm


B. Stay at Home

Size: 35x15mm


C. A special day in

Size: 40x20mm


D. Memo

Size: 80x40mm

E. Notes

Size: 65x50mm

F.  Smile :) breathe and go slowly

Size: 35x15mm

G. perfectly imperfect

Size: 35x13mm

H. Life is about creating yourself

Size: 40x15mm

I. You decide

Size: 35x13mm

J. May your choices reflect your hopes not your tears

Size: 95x15mm

K. take a break

Size: 40x10mm

L. different

Size: 30x15mm

M. hope or try 

Size: 40x15mm

N. pleasure 

Size: 30x15mm

Designed by partialafra