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PC Rubber Stamp - Running Heads


Elevate your journaling and scrapbooking with these Running Head Rubber Stamps. Inspired by the traditional “running head” headers used in publishing, these stamps are perfect for creating consistent, stylish labels and headers for your notes, planners, and creative projects.

This set includes various useful labels such as “recently,” “today,” “highlight,” and more, providing you with versatile tools to organise and personalize your content. Whether you’re categorising daily tasks, highlighting important notes, or adding thoughtful touches to gifts, these stamps bring a classic, refined look to your work.



Size: 35x15mm

Designed by Pooi Chin

Made in Malaysia


Pooi Chin is known for her personal creative touches on her journals pages, outgoing mails and wrappings with the usage of different materials, such as wax seals, washi tapes, ephemera, rubber stamps, and many more. She believes that recording memories in analogue way is a chance of allowing ourselves to slow down and experience the rhythm of life, and also looking into the details in everyday life. 

Pooi Chin has also published her first book, "Pooi Chin - Love for Journal: The ultimate mystery of stationery" in 2017 and conducted a number of journalling workshops these years.