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OHM Classic Folktales Washi Tape


A collection of washi tape featuring classic folktales, with a total of 5 different designs. There are a total of 5 designs to enjoy, whether you want to immerse yourself in the landscapes, engage in clever wordplay, or simply savour the lively scenes.


① Parade I 
March forward, lively and joyous! It's a grand folktale parade with Momotaro, the demons, the tea kettle tanuki, and the crane. It's just plain fun!
② Parade II
The second team of the cheerful and entertaining folktale parade. Dancing octopuses and squids, a crab family flipping peace signs, and the sparrow's dance goes on and on! The festivities continue with this king-size tape!
③ Arithmetic
Add, subtract, multiply, divide. A folktale quiz! Can you solve this riddle?
④ Sea and River
Dig here, woof woof! Cherry blossoms bloom, Kintaro plays in the fields, full moon nights and snowy nights, tales of changing seasons.
⑤ Four Seasons
The peaches drifting along the river, a little closer to the dreamlike city... Splash, splash, splash! Various stories are woven together in this tape.



(Parade I, Parade II) W18mm x L7m;

(Arithmetic, Sea and river, Four seasons) W15mm x L7m

Designed by Classiky x OHM (Omoikkiri Hand Made) Ω社

Made in Japan