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Classiky x Yuki Nishio Fairy Tales Clay Toy


A collection of whimsical ceramic dolls inspired by folklore and fairy tales. The wonder of the natural world, delight, and a touch of intrigue depicted in the book now come to life in these charming collections, seamlessly bridging the gap between the past and the present.

Each piece is carefully handcrafted and coloured by skilled Japanese craftsmen, please kindly note that each piece might has its own distinct tones and imperfections.

① Cat before wearing boots

Inspired by Charles Perrault's 'Puss in Boots,' this cat is exactly as it appears before putting on the boots. Perched neatly on a red mushroom, it gazes up at you in the most endearing manner. We invite you to compare it with the separately available 'Cat After Wearing Boots.' This little figurine seems to watch over you from a corner of your room.

② Cat in boots

Inspired by Charles Perrault's 'Puss in Boots,' a tale cherished worldwide. The cat's confident stance and the striking red boots make a splendid combination.

③ The blue bird
Inspired by Maurice Maeterlinck's play "The Blue Bird". It is a tale about two siblings, who embark on a magical journey to find the elusive Blue Bird on Christmas Eve. They are accompanied by various animal companions as they explore enchanting lands in search of this mystical bird. 

The reason for their quest is to help cure a sick girl, and the Blue Bird is eventually found. However, the siblings choose to selflessly give it away, emphasising the lesson that true happiness can often be found in simple, everyday life. Blue Bird serving as symbolic reminders of the happiness that surrounds us.

④ swan of the field

The inspiration for these figurines comes from the poignant tale of a beautiful princess and the princes who were transformed into swans. It's a story uniquely Andersen, blending elements of sorrow, beauty, and sacrifice. The princess is depicted seated gracefully on the back of a majestic swan, her eyes gently closed. This figure captures a sense of tenderness that could only be brought to life by the hands of Nishiou Yuki.

⑤ Thumbelina

Inspiration from Andersen's beloved tale "Thumbelina," portraying a tiny girl born from a tulip. She sits modestly on delicate pink petals, creating a scene that evokes the quiet charm of the original story. This figurine is perfect for adorning your windowsill or bookshelf, inviting you to contemplate its beauty in tranquil moments.

⑥ Alice in the Wonderland ⑦ white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland

This figurine captures the essence of Alice's adventures and adds a charming touch to your collection. From a teacup brimming with tea, emerges Alice, curiously peering out. This scene, which would typically astonish anyone, takes on an enchanting twist in the hands of Nishiouyuki. With her characteristic whimsy, Alice's presence in her Wonderland world is beautifully enhanced.

⑧ red cowl; ⑨ wolf of the red cow

This figurine depicts Little Red Riding Hood from the well-known Grimm fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood." She's carrying her basket, presumably on her way to her grandmother's house. Her expression appears somewhat lost, making you want to offer a word of caution!



(Cat before wearing boots) 30x35x55mm;

(Cat in boots)30x28x90mm; 

(Blue bird) 33x50x47mm;

(Swam of the Field) 40x75x7mm;

(Thumbelina) 52x45x70mm;

(Alice in Wonderland) 60x50x80mm;

(White rabbit of Alice in Wonderland) 33x40x75mm;

(Red Riding Hood) 45x35x70mm;

(Wolf of the Red Riding Hood) 28x4.8x60mm

Designed by Classiky x Yuku Nishio

Material: Clay

Made in Japan