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modaizhi 默代誌

modaizhi A Poem Called Life Rubber Stamp - Your every kindness will become the radiance of the night 你的每個善意都將成為夜晚的光芒


In every anniversary rubber stamp set unveils a heartfelt message that resonates with the essence of the celebration.

This year of the modaizhi 8th Anniversary, the chosen saying is "你的每個善意都將成為夜晚的光芒", which telling us that "Your every kindness will become the radiance of the night".

We believe in the power of words, recognising that language has the ability to tell stories and record our history. Each kind message you share, every warm word spoken at our events, illuminates our nights filled with self-doubt and uncertainty. It's a celebration of the beauty in every act of kindness and the strength found in words.

Stamp these meaningful phrases to spread warmth and positivity in every creation.


Size: 7.0x2.5cm

Designed by modaizhi

Made in Taiwan