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modaizhi 默代誌

modaizhi 8th Anniversary Rubber Stamp Set


Let's celebrate the 8th-year milestone of modaizhi with these whimsical and enchanting Magical Elves!

Immerse yourself in the magic of this anniversary rubber stamp set as modaizhi unveils the captivating world of the Magic Workshop team. They are dedicated to gather all the kindness in the world and transform them into even brighter stars.

Let's delve into the magical responsibilities of each enchanting elf.

Enchanting Leading Character
Witness the leading elves casting spells in the midst of magical creations.

The adorable elves using small nets to capture and gather the kindness. 

Urgent Rescuer
Feel the urgency as an elf dashes with a giant North Star, racing to the rescue.
Constellation Creator
The elves who seated on the ground, meticulously stringing stars into beautiful constellations.

Star Arranger
Smile as elves diligently stand on tiptoes, placing large stars in perfect harmony.

Exclusively available in boxed sets, the "Leaky Lamb" makes special appearances as culprit who specialising in tearing elf bags and picking up the efforts of elf labor. 

Box Size: 8x7cm 

Designed by modaizhi

Made in Taiwan