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Yohaku ヨハク

YOHAKU Original Washi Tape 093/094


Two nostalgic designs by yohaku for the deepening autumn season.

Yohaku's collages are known to feature an array of materials, such as vintage ephemera, tickets, and other old papers. You can add a touch of elegance to your journal, notes, letter, or gift by using just a small piece of this washi tape as decoration. It will create a beautiful vignette that enhances the overall aesthetic.


093 displayThe design features a soft beige and grey base with the designer's favourite indigo and burnt orange, and the bright red numbers serve as a point of interest.

The designer often wonder what it means to be true to herself, and since she has started to design, almost all of her designs were collage-based. However, it has been a while since she has created collages freely. This design is the first in a long time that she made in a free, unrestrained world. It is a very personal and favourite work of the designer and is perfect for Yohaku's 5th anniversary.


094 a corner of town - A nostalgic foreign small town corner with beautiful autumn leaves, yet somewhat lonely.

The designer designed it with an image of a autumn town corner that she have repeatedly dreamed of somewhere before. Neither enjoyable nor sad but just plain dreams.

While looking at the photographs of the streetscape from her previous trip to London, she drew a small town. European streetscapes value the importance of preserving old things, are beautiful and ephemeral. Even if it's not a special building, just looking at the townscape is enjoyable.

Size: 15mm x 10m

Designed by yohaku

Made in Japan



A normal person, who enjoys creating

full of curiosity about this beautiful world

not too good in managing busy life

always leaving some spaces for myself

Although not an expert, I still love photography 

love to use camera, also love to use iPhone 

enjoy designing 

made many little things

has been always love myself who being so me

If you like them, welcome, and enjoy them slowly