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Yohaku ヨハク

YOHAKU Original Washi Tape 071/072


Beautiful washi tapes designed by a talented Japanese artist, yohaku. These washi tapes are printed with collage artworks by the designer. Yohaku's collages are often created with variety of materials, including vintage ephemera, vintage tickets and some other old papers. Take a small piece to decorate your page or wrapping, it will bring beautiful vignette to your journal, notes, letter or gift.


071 journal - I have been collecting a lot of old papers. Many of them have faded yet with nice colour that cannot be described in words. 

072 flower garden - I drew a lot of triangles using watercolours. It is a shape that pops up and creating a moving motion in mass. This year, I couldn't enjoy the nature as much as I could during the beautiful season of flowers. I imagine a beautiful landscape in the late Autumn.



Size: 15mm x 10m

Designed by yohaku

Made in Japan



A normal person, who enjoys creating

full of curiosity about this beautiful world

not too good in managing busy life

always leaving some spaces for myself

Although not an expert, I still love photography 

love to use camera, also love to use iPhone 

enjoy designing 

made many little things

has been always love myself who being so me

If you like them, welcome, and enjoy them slowly