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一隅有花 yiyuflorist

Yiyuflorist Gentle Plants Cloth


*Estimated to be shipped from mid-Jan onwards*


A thoughtfully designed merchandise inspired by the visionary creations of the Gentle Plants Calendar 2024 植物溫柔曆

Embark on a sensory journey with our thoughtfully designed merchandise, perfectly curated to complement the calendar. This canvas cloth is curated from a limited-edition home decor fabric, manufactured in Taiwan and imported from Europe. The fabric's soft and smooth texture provide an exceptional tactile experience. Crafted from polyester, this material is wrinkle-resistant, dirt-resistant, and easy-to-clean.

A multipurpose addition to the calendar, this versatile canvas cloth serve both functional pieces and providing a visually stunning accessory. Inspired by the botanical theme of the calendar, the floral sketches on this canvas cloth effortlessly elevating any setting. 

Unleash the possibilities with this vibrant canvas cloth. This canvas cloth can be serve as a handkerchief, wall decor, scarf, headpiece, and more. You can use it to wrap anything for light protection, keeping your belongings scratch-free and adding a touch of flair. Spice up your lunch routine by using it to wrap your lunchbox added protection and convenience.

Indulge in the harmonious blend of functionality and artistry with this exclusive calendar merchandise collection. Embrace the gentle touch of each piece, beautifully complementing the essence of the calendar's botanical inspiration.



Size: 36x36cm

Material: Polyester

Designed by 一隅有花 yiyuflorist