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Yamadoro Rubber Stamp Set - Take Your Time


These rubber stamps allows you to experience the joy of assembling the clock's components. With these stamps, you can enjoy the process of placing the hour hand and minute hand on the clock face, pointing to the desired time and capturing those cherished moments.

By separating the components of the original clock stamp, you can truly experience the essence of each hour and minute hand during the collage process. Each one points to a precious or significant moment in your life. Let your creativity flow as you create unique and meaningful representations of time with these stamps.

You have the freedom to use these stamps as they are, showcasing their unique designs. Alternatively, let your imagination run wild by pairing them creatively with other rubber stamps, such as background stamps, lines, or borders. Add an extra touch of personality by combining them with stickers, washi tapes, or your own hand-written messages and quotes.

 Explore the double-sided rubber stamps: the components of the clock here.

Content: 6 rubber stamps

Size: (whole set) 105x75mm

Designed by Yamadoro

Made in Taiwan