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Yamadoro Print-On Sticker - Hey! You got a package!


Mr.Bird's diary:

I own a boat, and I am sailing to your doorstep~~
I sail a boat,  fly a plane, 
just to send the parcel for you,
a gift, one letter, two letter, three letter... ♪」

為你~~~開一條船 ~~ 開飛機~~~~
禮物~~~ 一封信~~ 二封信~~~ 三封信~~~♪」

A series of pressure-activated stickers which are printed with adorable illustrations by Yamadoro. Unlike stickers, only pressure is needed to activate these adhesive stickers.

You could choose to cut out youdesired part of the sticker sheet, or apply the whole sheet. Remove the backing sheet, and by pressing on the desired pattern of the sticker sheet, the decal will remain and then the image is created. 


Content: 1 sheet

Material: Paper, PVC, Adhesive

Size: H15×W10cm

Designed by Yamadoro