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Yamadoro Rubber Stamp - Messages from Life: Never leave today's work for tomorrow



小鳥早報有著最新的資訊,閱讀同時,新的一天便將展開 ;
剛沖泡好的熱咖啡,團團的煙霧夾著咖啡香和拼命的決心 ;

Messages from Life:

Just like the fresh morning news delivered by the chirping birds, reading it sets the stage for a new day full of possibilities. It's akin to savouring a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee, where swirling mist embraces the aroma and a strong determination.

Designed by Taiwanese illustrator, Yamadorothis rubber stamp set features adorable illustrations that capture the beauty and messages of everyday life. Each wooden rubber stamp adds a touch of elegance to your pages, outgoings, gift tags, greeting cards, and more, allowing you to create memorable moments.

You could pair them imaginatively with other stickers, washi tapes, rubber stamps or your hand-written message/quotes for enhanced appeal. By applying different colour of ink pads, we believe that you are able to create a beautiful and alluring vibe on your pages and outgoings. 

Each set includes x1 normal-sized and x1 mini-sized rubber stamp.


Size: 25x45x21mm; 10x10x51mm

Designed by Yamadoro

Made in Taiwan