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Animal Wooden Mechanised Pen/Pencil


Designed and handcrafted by RINKUL, a collection of pens with that is crafted out of wood and is as pleasing to the eye as it is satisfying to the touch. Craftsmanship and his persistence of perfection could be showed clearly through the ingenious mechanical design of the pen. Almost all parts are made from wood, including the indescribably adorable detailed animal faces and a small hole. 

Colours are all natural without any coating or painting. They are handcrafted with the leftover materials from the production of drum sticks, conveying an environmentally friendly concept behind these pens. With the accumulation of time, the colour of the wood gradually changes, which is one of uniqueness points of the pen.

This collection comes in mechanical pencils and ballpoint pens. The mechanical pencil uses a 0.5mm refill; while the ballpoint pen uses the Mitsubishi oil-based ballpoint pen S-7L refill. As the tip of the mechanical pencils is retractable, this is undoubtedly a plus for the mechanical pencil fans.

Each pen does not only brings us visual enjoyment from the appearance, also the warmth from every touch that makes you become addicted to it. They are perfect as your everyday writing tool and also as a unique gift for others.



The man behind RINKUL 

Mr.Suzuki is originally from Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. With his experience accumulated since childhood and superb iron working skills, he has successfully carved wood with an accuracy of 0.01mm. Incorporating his remarkable focus and imagination into tiny structures, he has developed a pen holder whose pen tip is replaceable with a single touch, and a ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil made of only wood except for the core and spring. 



Size: W139×D9.5×H16mm

Designed and Handcrafted by RINKUL

Made in Japan