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Uni-ball One Gel Pen (0.5 mm) - Fika Colours


These gel pens feature muted colours with gentle and subtle shades that have been gaining attention as trend colours in recent years. The term "Fika" comes from the Swedish word for "having tea" and is used to express a moment of relaxation. The product is designed to be used during the busy moments of everyday life, providing a cozy break. 

This series allows you to embrace the calming beauty of muted and nuanced colour selection. 

This newly developed pigment flows smoothly, waterproof, fade-resistant to ensure a wonderful writing experience. The gentle soft colours are exceptionally visible, 

creates a calming visual palette to any papers. You could create lines which are fine, sharp, and clean and the colours are rich and saturated with this pen. 

The open-wire clip of Uni-ball One gel pen is loaded with a spring for clipping easily, which also allow it to clip thicker item without breaking.


Tip Size: 0.5mm

Length: 14.0cm

Manufactured by Uni