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Uni-ball One Gel Pen (0.38 mm)


Uni-ball One UMN-S gel pen (0.38mm) uses a new bead pack pigment-based ink which lesser penetration through paper surface. This new technology designed pigment preserves the colours of Uni-ball One gel pen, darker or brighter colour shown on your pages.

This newly developed pigment flows smoothly, waterproof, fade-resistant to ensure a wonderful writing experience. Its 0.38 mm needle-point tip is very thin, but does not bend or break, even with heavy-handed use. You could create lines which are fine, sharp, and clean and the colours are rich and saturated with this pen. 

The open-wire clip of Uni-ball One gel pen is loaded with a spring for clipping easily, which also allow it to clip thicker item without breaking.


Tip Size: 0.38mm

Length: 14.0cm

Manufactured by Uni