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Sparking Moment

Tiny Ticket Stamp Rubber Stamp


Inspired by the vintage ration coupon or ration card from the 60s and 70s in Shanghai, these wooden rubber stamps featured illustrations designed by Sparking Moment. Each design is hand-drawn by the designed in order to revamp the designs of the old pieces. 

Instead of its original purpose of these coupons for controlling distribution of scarce resources, these rubber stamp designs are coupons that distributed by ourselves to ourselves. For example, two Coca-Cola or Coke coupons for myself this month, that means I have two chances to drink Coke this month. You can use the 雪花膏 (Moisturising Cream coupon) represents skin-care products or cosmetics; 布券 (Fabric coupon) represents cloths; 买糖券 (Candy coupon) represents amount of sugar taken; or just use them as freely as you like to suit your needs. 

Great for adding personal touches and creative accents to your journal pages, outgoing mail/parcel, art projects, scrapbooks, gift cards or many other occasions. The possibilities are endless. You could also pair it with other tapes, stickers, glitters or paper embellishments for enhanced appeal. We hope these unique creations will add some sparks in your everyday life and enjoy using them for collecting your sparking moments.

Each full set of 7 rubber stamps comes with a beautifully designed craft box and an empty postage stamp paper pack (10 sheets). 

Content of a full set: 7 rubber stamps + 10 blank postage stamp paper sheets + 1 craft box + 1 extra mini rubber stamp 

Size: (please kindly refer to images above)

Designed by Sparking Moment

Made in Taiwan