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The 24 Solar Term Rubber Stamp Set


The 24 Solar Terms are part of the Chinese traditional calendar, referring to the 24 particular occasions that indicating seasonal changes. They were established according to the different positions of the sun and changes in natural phenomena, which reflected the changes of the seasons, climate and phenology.


24 SOLAR TERMS 二十四節氣

春 SPRING 立春 Beginning of Spring | 雨水 Rain Water | 惊蛰 Waking of Insects | 春分 Spring Equinox | 清明 Clear and Bright | 谷雨 Grain Rain

夏 SUMMER 立夏 Beginning of Summer | 小满 Grain Buds | 芒种 Grain in Ear | 夏至 Summer Solstice | 小暑 Minor Heat | 大暑 Great Heat 

秋 AUTUMN 立秋 Beginning of Autumn | 处暑 End of Heat | 白露 White Dew | 秋分 Autumn Equinox | 寒露 Cold Dew | 霜降 Frost's Descent 

冬 WINTER 立冬 Beginning of Winter | 小雪 Minor Snow | 大雪 Heavy Snow | 冬至 Winter Solstice | 小寒 Minor Cold | 大寒 Great Cold


Are you seeking for a way to document the seasonal changes? These wooden rubbers would be great for recording the seasons, adorning your pages or your next outgoing mail/parcel when mentioning about your the current season. 


Content: 2 rubber stamps per set

Size: 6x2.5cm

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