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Summer Doodle Rubber Stamp - love and luck for you


 I found them in my garden: a lovely red flower, a lucky four-leafed clover that will bring good fortune, and you. 

I would like to send you a bouquet of love and luck this Summer. Wishing you a Summer that blooms with love and luck.


Each design of these rubber stamps can hold a unique story (or stories) for each of us. They would be great for expressing your moments while adding lovely accents to your pages. You could also use them along with your other stamp collection, stickers or handwriting notes.


“If a man walking in the fields find any four-leaved grass, he shall in a small while after find some good thing.”

-- It is thought that each leaf of a clover represents something. The first three represent faith, love and hope, and the fourth leaf represents luck.

Wood Size:

(LOVE+1; LUCK+1) 2x2cm 

(clover in the lawn; a good day) 3x1.5cm

(a clover; a flower; a flower with leaves; carry a clover for you) 3x2.2cm

Designed by SOM Studio x han

Made in Malaysia