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somesortof.fern Print-On Stickers - Thistles and Fruits


This sticker design is a beautiful and unique combination of cold-toned plants such as thistles, carnations, and mountain mugwort, and fruits like lemon, snow fruit, and fig. The addition of hand-written text gives it a personal touch. The overall feel of the design is cool, but with a subtle warmth that emanates from it.

These pressure-activated stickers are a series of beautiful and unique designs that will enhance any project or surface. The application process is easy, simply cut out the desired design from the sticker sheet, or apply the entire sheet. After removing the backing, press on the desired pattern and watch as the decal is activated, leaving behind a beautiful image. 

Perfect for adding a touch of whimsy and nature to your projects.


Content: 2 sheets/per set

Material: Paper, PVC, Adhesive

Size: H15×W10cm

Designed by somesortof.fern