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SOM Studio

SOMe Phrase Rubber Stamp - Words to myself at certain time point


Time is endless, theoretically. Time, takes time. And everything else is flowing as time flows. 

Not everyday is a good day. Not everything in life could fit into that all-too-perfect grids. Sometime we might be slightly off from where we are heading to. Something might has dulled our motivations and focus or we are just feeling “blah”.

Thank yourself today, yesterday and tomorrow, and for the rest of the days. Thank yourself for embracing all the chaos and for all your hard works. 

Remember that we are more like a sand dune than a stone in this boundless time. Wishing you best of luck in becoming who you would like to be in the future.

Happy New Year.


Each rubber stamp from SOMe Phrase Rubber Stamp Series feature some short phrases which would be great for expressing your (moods, emotions or feelings) while adding simple yet elegant accents to your pages. You could use them for adding personalised touch to outgoings too! Feel free to use them along with your other stamp collection, stickers, collages or handwriting notes.

We hope this creation will add some sparks in your everyday journaling, mailing, crafting and keep exploring new possibilities.


Some translations: 

Everything will be okay, soon or later

但日子总还是会变好的。(Better days will come.)

It's okay to be right at where you are

偶尔不小心活成自己不太满意的样子 (Sometime  we might be slightly off from where we are heading to)

Everything will flow as the time flows.



Wood Size: 7x1.5 cm

Designed by SOM Studio

Made in Malaysia