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SOM Studio

SOMe Phrase Rubber Stamp - ⚠ Cautious


⚠ CAUTION  Life might be overwhelming and not engaging at some points in life too. Yet it's okay to be where you are at now. Self-discovering is an on-going process. Be all you can be as you breathe.

A representation of our chaotic minds, to reassure ourselves regardless another year is coming to an end soon. Every month, every week, or everyday could be a new start. 

Each rubber stamp from SOMe Phrase Rubber Stamp Series feature some short phrases which would be great for expressing your (moods, emotions or feelings) while adding simple yet elegant accents to your pages. You could use them for adding personalised touch to outgoings too! Feel free to use them along with your other stamp collection, stickers, collages or handwriting notes.

We hope this creation will add some sparks in your everyday journaling, mailing, crafting and keep exploring new possibilities.



Wood Size: 10.5 x 2.5 cm

Designed by SOM Studio

Made in Malaysia