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som x bighands Rubber Stamp: Celebrating My Morning Routines


We believe that every moment, regardless of its size, deserves to be celebrated and recorded, even those seemingly insignificant ones. These rubber stamps have been meticulously crafted to embody the theme of our journaling and stationery pop-up market: Celebrate Every Moment. Each designer has handpicked a moment that holds personal significance to them, to us, and most importantly, to you.


Q: What's your favourite time of the day?

A: The beginning of the day, morning. As someone who wasn’t naturally a morning person, I learned to appreciate the beauty in these mundane mornings.

Once I began waking up early, I discovered the hidden treasures that lie in those early hours. Morning holds a certain enchantment, capturing the cherished rituals that mark the start of our days. From tending to personal care to enjoying a cup of coffee, each moment may seem mundane, yet it carries profound meaning. It is a gentle reminder to appreciate the seemingly ordinary moments that shape our day.

Q. 你最喜欢一天当中哪一个时间段呢?

A. 一天的开始,喜欢早上的阳光和清醒的自己。


关于我的 morning routine
  1. 刷牙
  2. 洗脸和基础护肤
  3. 吃早餐,还有我最爱的咖啡(今天用哪个马克杯呢?)
  4. 写下今天的生活清单


Each encapsulates the beauty and significance of morning routines, reminding us to appreciate the seemingly mundane yet significant moments that shape our day. Add them to your collection and record your day starting from these precious moments as you embark on a journey of self-reflection, creativity, and gratitude.

Add a touch of charm and playfulness to your journal pages with bighands’s adorable designs as you commemorate this everyday moment that sets the tone for a brand new day. Let's embrace the magic of mornings!


Wood Size: approx. 3x3cm; 3x3.5cm

Designed by SOM Studio x bighands

Made in Malaysia