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Shachihata Iromoyo Kousai Shimmer Ink Pad


The 'Iromoyo' Stamp Pads, introduced in early 2020, are specially crafted for stamp art enthusiasts. With Shachihata's advanced oil-based pigment ink developed using nano-technology and a durable ultra-fine fiber surface, these pads guarantee clear, vibrant impressions. Loved by artists for their perfect fit with eraser or rubber stamps, the Iromoyo series expanded with the introduction of the compact size version.

Now, introducing the all-new 'Iromoyo Kousai,' presenting a subtle shimmer with delicate, sparkling particles! This range offers ten beautiful shades inspired by Japan's traditional colours. Whether you're creating intricate patterns or covering broader areas, these stamp pads enable seamless and stunning expressions. Elevate your artistry with a refined, shimmering gloss that enhances creations made with eraser or rubber stamps.

Key Features

- Utilises Shachihata's exclusive oil-based pigment ink developed through nano-technology, ensuring vivid and distinct imprints.

- Employs a durable ultra-fine fiber surface for lasting quality. A few gentle taps create sparkling, clear imprints. Excess ink can be easily wiped off with a damp tissue.

- The pad remains moist even when the lid is left open.

- Designed to stack neatly for convenient storage of multiple pads.•

Experience the brilliance and ease of Iromoyo Kousai Shimmer Stamp Pad and creeate stunning artworks effortlessly!



Size: 80×55mm

Brand: Shachihata

Made in Japan