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Shachihata Iromoyo Brush Pen


Introducing the exquisite Brush Pen, a fine addition to the 'Iromoyo' series! This pen features an ultra-fine brush tip that offers exceptional flexibility and durability. Whether you're seeking precision colouring or wide strokes, this pen effortlessly adapts to your touch, allowing beautiful, nuanced expressions with ease.

Crafted with 29 mesmerising colours inspired by Japan's traditional hues and complemented by a dedicated blender for seamless gradation, this brush pen invites you to explore a world of creative possibilities.

Ideal for enhancing your creations, this water-resistant pen enables layering over oil pigment ink stamps, delivering vivid and dynamic effects. Dive into captivating artistry by effortlessly blending 2-3 colours for striking and enchanting visual experiences.

Length: 166mm (capped)

Brand: Shachihata

Made in Japan