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Seal Script Acrylic Rubber Stamp - Four Seasons (Yang/M size)



春 (chūn) —— Spring 

夏 (xià) —— Summer

秋 (qiū) —— Autumn

冬 (dōng) —— Winter



A Chinese seal or hanko is a seal or stamp features name or character that is used to prove authorship on documents and arts. Not limited to name seal, a seal can contain the person's personal philosophy, literary inclination, favourite poetic phrase or unique motif with intricate designs. It's a symbolic of identity, status, and culture. 

Traditionally seals are made of stones, sometimes of wood, metal and bamboo. Seal-craving requires a mastery of both skills in the art of calligraphy and carving for 

engraving every single character or motif onto the tiny surface by hand.

Seal script is one of the styles in calligraphy and have been widely used on seals. Although seal script long ago has departed from everyday use, it still survives and flourishes today on the basis of its exceptional artistic qualities.  

Inspired by the beauty of seals and seal scripts, the rubber stamps from this collection feature a combination of traditional seal scripts and contemporary design for the outlook. By using an acrylic block as the handle, it provides a sharp image from any angle. It also adds an eye-catching pop to your desks.

Each stamp features Chinese characters in the forms of seal script. Great for adorning and adding personalised touch to your journal pages, outgoings, creative projects or any purpose that suit your needs.

Each piece is assembled by hand with care and attention to details. We hope you would be mesmerised by the elegant strokes and curves of seal script through this unique creation. 



Size: (handle) 2.0x2.0x4.0cm; (seal design) 1.2x1.2cm

Designed & Produced by som studio

Made in Malaysia