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Sarasa Nano Push Clip Gel Pen (0.3mm) - Vintage Series


Discover a new realm of writing with the Sarasa Nano Gel Pen. This writing tool features the unique "Ultra-Fuwa Cushion" mechanism, ensures clear and ultra-fine writing. As the core of he pen moves following your hand's pressure, the spring within absorbs any scratchy sensations, ensuring a seamless glides and a stable ink flow. The 0.3mm ball diameter allows for precise and crisp lines at ease, elevate your writing experience.

Sarasa Gel Pen is well-known for its smooth ink flow, fast-drying qualities, comfortable grip, and retractable tip, which creates a great writing experience. This water-based gel ink dries in less than a second on most surfaces. The sturdy binder clip of Sarasa Gel Pen is loaded with a spring for clipping easily, which also allow it to clip thicker item without breaking. The retractable pen tip is also sturdy enough to endure hard writing pressure and pen drops.

The Vintage series of Sarasa Nano gel pens feature sophisticated and subtle colours with body colours to match. 


Tip Size: 0.3mm

Dimension: Shaft diameter 10.8 x total length 143.8mm

Manufactured by Zebra