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Plain Stationery

Research Notes - Water-Resistant Notebook (Blank)


Research Notebook is the beautifully crafted product by Plain Stationery, a beautiful, supple notebook inside and out. It is designed to create a writing experience that you will enjoy. 

It is a notebook that you could use whenever you need without worrying about the location, weather and even the activities. This notebook has been developed to convey the spirit of "Explore More" in daily living for documenting adventures, experimentations and research.

The designer has thought about various occasions that this notebook might be used, such as writing recipes in the kitchen which might get your notebook wet easily, coffee stains while having a cup of good coffee and if it rains when you are taking notes at the outdoor.

This notebook features high quality water-resistance and tear resistance papers, it is perfect for everyday writing and note-taking. The papers used are acid-free, good for archival and tear-resistant even when the pages are wet.

The notebook is held together with strong thread bindings, so that you can open the book flat and unobstructed, rust-free and long-lasting. All cover are beautifully printed with embossing technique.

Blank paper series available in Hiking (grey) and Spaceship (black) cover.

This notebook comes with 2 sizes: Large (21x11cm); Small (12.4x8.9cm), 48 pages in total.

The paper from this notebook is remarkably waterproof and tear proof

Although there is many water-resistant notebooks in the market, we might still be quite confused by the plastic-like inner pages which cause the writing surface too smooth to write and users are unable to enjoy their writing. Sometimes, if we’re using ballpoint pen to write, its ink might affect another page after some moments we closed the notebook.

This is how the brand distinguish waterproof and water-resistant:

>> Waterproof papers will not absorb water. So users can shake away all the water drops on their notebook in case it is wet.

>> Water-resistant paper will absorb water, yet only the surface which poured by water will be wet, not the whole page of paper. Water resistant paper will not be destroyed easily if it’s poured by water. All you have to do is wait it to dry. It might become a bit curvy after dried. Yet, it is okay to flatten it.

You might think that it is impossible to combine all these following function in a type of paper as these conditions are contradict while to each other:

- water proof (water-resistant)

works well with a wide variety of writing instruments

- high quality paper that has no difference with normal paper (feel and write like normal paper)

tear proof (tear resistant, near-indestructible)

resistant to feathering and bleed-through

Yet, the brand has found this special paper and use it to produce the water-resistant version of Research Notes (RN). The brand would like to proudly present the very first notebook that contains these five features at the same time in the world.

Take the set with you on all your adventures!  


Size: L (21x11cm); S (12.4x8.9cm)

Contents: 48 pages

Designed by Plain Stationery

Made in Taiwan