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kodomo no kao

Pochitto6 Push-Button Stamp - Favourite Scheduled


From streams to TV, radio, and live events, this planner is designed to help you keep track of all the exciting plans related to your favourites. Record those joyous moments and reduce the chances of accidentally forgetting. The inclusion of "release" makes it even more valuable for keeping up with events that might have slipped your mind.

Pochitto6, the pre-inked stamp designed for a delightful and versatile pattern with just a press! Featuring 6 charming designs in one stamp, it's the perfect addition to enhance your planner or daily entries.

Experience the addictive joy of pressing the button, reminiscent of the satisfaction felt when typing on a computer keyboard. Pochitto6 seamlessly combines functionality and style, making each press a delightful and captivating experience. Its compact size is tailored for easy storage in cases or cover pockets, ensuring convenience on the go.

The pre-inked pad allows approximately 1,000 presses.

With fast-drying, waterproof, oil-based ink, you can draw or color around the design once it dries. Ideal for decorating sticky notes, journals, diary pages, and outgoing cards. Elevate your crafting experience with Pochitto6!

Size: 77x14mm

Brand: kodomo no kao

Made in Japan