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Pion PET Tape: Elegant


Each illustration holds a unique story behind. Exuberant combinations of colours with beautiful paintings of girl characters by Pion, creating a vibrant impression.

The tape comes with backing paper, making it effortless to cut and preserve each pattern as desired. With the ability to effortlessly combine them with other stickers or stamps, you can create a plethora of enchanting scenes. We're confident that this delightful tape will add a touch of whimsy to your pages and outgoings, making it a joy to behold.

Get your sample today! A perfect and affordable way to see and feel these amazing tapes in person. Unsure of the patterns, textures or colours of these beautiful tapes? Not sure what the tapes really look like or which to choose? Buy a sample. The sample provides a selection of the tape, one cycle or loop for each design. 


Size: 3.5cm x 10m

Designed by Pion

Made in Taiwan