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Pion Die-Cut Sticker Roll: Background


Introducing exquisite die-cut paper sticker rolls by Pion, each one boasting a unique pastel background colour and ample writing space for jotting down notes, labelling items, or marking dates. Additionally, the rolls feature uplifting phrases such as "Enjoy the Moment," "There is Beauty in Simplicity," and "Live Life for the Moment".

Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your journal pages, notebooks, or any other project. The geometric shapes of the stickers add an extra flair of sophistication, and they can also be used as decorative elements to enhance the overall aesthetic. Make the most of these stickers by unleashing your creativity and utilising them in whichever way you desire.

These stickers are sure to add a pop of visual elegance to your creations. We're confident that these stickers will spark joy and inspire your creativity. 

Size: 5cmx10m

Designed by Pion

Made in Taiwan