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Pentel Hybrid Dual Metallic Gel Pen (1.0mm)


These Pental Hybrid Dual Metallic Gel Pen (1.0mm) feature a mix of coloured ink and metallic sparkles in a variety of subtle and contrasting combinations. 

​With Hybrid Dual Metallic you can write in two different shades on both light and dark coloured papers using the same pen. Turn your page to the light and you will see the full iridescent effects of these fantastic metallic gel pens which will reveal a different shades when you look at it from a different angles.

Perfect for drawings, cards, designs, adult colouring and beautiful illustrations, Hybrid Dual Metallic is like no other gel pen. The effects are truly magical, get ready to get inspired and enter a whole new world of colour and creativity! ;)

Hybrid ink and a 1.0mm tip, which make these pen for super-juicy and super-smooth writing experience. These pigment/dye hybrid inks are also acid-free and scrapbook-safe.


Tip Size: 1.0mm

Length: 15.1 cm (capped)

Manufactured by Pentel