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Peho Design

Peho Design Original Rubber Stamp - Vol.2


Peho Design original wooden rubber stamps offer us a variety of stamps covered with three of our main daily activities, including documenting the dates, reading, and sleeping. They would be great for visualising and keeping a record of our daily habits in our journal books, and at the same time great for adorning our pages, outgoings or other occasions.

These rubber stamps are inspired from the designer, Penny's daily life. 

>> Perpetual Date (with digital segment fonts)

You are able to make all numbers 0-9 by darkening or filling in the "sticks". Seven-segment displays are widely used in digital clocks, electronic meters, basic calculators, and others. It would be a fun visual to use this stamp to document the dates on your pages or outgoings. You could form other patterns, icons or some alphabets with it too.

>> Hexagons 

It is a patterns made up of six hexagons. However, it could hold any story depends on the user. With its simple geometrical shape, it would add lovely details to your journal or outgoings. You could pair it with other rubber stamps, stickers, glitter or paper embellishments for enhanced appeal.

 >> Reading Progression Bar

This reading progression bar shows us how much we have read and how much more is left. This would encourages us to continue reading. We could also use the progression bar only for other daily activities or any other tasks.  

We hope enjoy using this unique creations integrating with your daily life.




(Perpetual digital date) 35x10mm; (Hexagon) 35x17mm;

(Progression bar) 46x13mm; (Sleeping tracker) 72x36mm

Designed by Peho Design

Made in Taiwan