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Peho Design

Peho Design Rubber Stamp - Short Phrases


These wooden rubber stamps by Peho Design are inspired by Python (a multi-purpose programming language).

In Python, >>> is a interpreter’s way of asking you, “What do you want me to do next?”, which means it’s something the computer tells you it’s ready for your instructions; If you end the line with a \, Python will continue the line of code into next line; ... could mean ellipsis or as a placeholder for not-yet-written code. 

These stamps would be great for visualising and keeping a record of our daily habits in our journal books, and at the same time great for adorning our pages. We hope you enjoy using this unique creations integrating with your daily life.




>>> early to bed\...early to rise (13x39mm);

>>> read more books (10x42mm)

Designed by Peho Design

Made in Taiwan