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Peho Design

Peho Design Rubber Stamp - Light up the Plough (Date Stamp)


The Plough (or The Big Dipper) is a large asterism consisting of seven bright stars of the constellation Ursa Major which always points the way to the North Star.

Each star represents a day.  Light up a star each day and you will get a full shining stars of the Plough (or The Big Dipper). 

This wooden rubber stamp designed by Peho Design features the shape of the Plough (or The Big Dipper) and each of the seven stars represents each day of the seven days of a week.

This unique creation would be great for visualising and keeping a record of our daily habits in our journal books as habit tracker. You could also use it for adorning our pages, outgoings or other occasions. Use it on blank pages of your notebook so that it will become a journal entry for the day.

We hope enjoy using this unique creations integrating with your daily life.



Size: 25x63mm

Designed by Peho Design

Made in Taiwan