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PC Rubber Stamp - Trash/Treasure


Let this stamp gently nudge you to appreciate the beauty around you. It reminds us that life's beauty isn't limited to grand moments but is found in everyday details. A simple shift in perspective can unveil a world of fresh possibilities. This rubber stamp features two compelling words: "Trash" and "Treasure." It encourages us to value the significance of our daily experiences and provides a tool to discard distracting or negative thoughts.

This rubber stamp is an excellent daily companion for journaling, keeping your focus on what truly matters. It also serves as a distinctive gift choice for those seeking something out of the ordinary. We're confident that this unique creation will infuse your everyday life with sparks of inspiration.



Size: 40x11x20mm

Designed by Pooi Chin

Made in Malaysia


Pooi Chin is renowned for her unique and personal approach to journaling, outgoing mail, and creative gift wrapping. She skillfully incorporates various materials, including wax seals, washi tapes, ephemera, rubber stamps, and more. Her philosophy centers around the belief that documenting memories through analog means offers a precious opportunity to slow down, savor the rhythm of life, and appreciate the intricate details of everyday experiences.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Pooi Chin made her mark with the publication of her inaugural book, "Pooi Chin - Love for Journal: The Ultimate Stationery Mystery," back in 2017. She has also been actively engaged in conducting a series of journaling workshops over the years.