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Plain Stationery

Paper Pencil Craft Kit


Nowadays, recycled pencils are mostly made by old newspapers and produced in really huge amount. Yet, we think that it’s quite interesting and meaningful if people could make paper pencils on their own.

Users would not need any complicated tools to make these pencils. All you need is roll papers according the length of pencil insert, and use glue to stick the ingredients together. The sequence and colours of papers would affect the final appearance of paper pencils. Users would definitely be surprised by the beautiful pattern of pencil after sharpening it.

Besides that, each set comes with a well designed pencil box so that people could send their own made pencils as gift elegantly. You are free to use it to store item other than paper pencils too.

Each kit contains three pencil refills. They are stored below the cardboard in the box with 19 sheets of colour papers. 

You could always make use of the instruction paper as an ingredient to make the paper pencil or use the paper "belt" outside the box as a bookmark.

Each pencil does not only brings us visual enjoyment from the appearance, also the warmth from every touch that makes you become addicted to it. They are perfect as your everyday writing tool and also as a unique gift for others.


*This is a paper pencil crafting kit. Users have to make the products on their own.

**Please kindly wait for at least 30 minutes (safer period will be one or two hours) before sharpening the pencils.



Size: 20x6x2cm

Designed by Plain Stationery 

Made in Taiwan