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Oeda Letterpress

Oeda Letterpress Letterpress Sticker Set【Sage Green & Pale Blue】


Limited Colour Edition.

Introducing a limited edition set featuring 4 sheets each of 9 different stickers in two serene shades: Sage Green & Pale Blue. The calming hues evoke a sense of coolness and tranquility at a glance.

Ideal for address labels, collages, and planner decorations, these stickers are crafted on high-quality paper that beautifully accentuates the unique texture created by the letterpress printing technique.

A set containing 4 sheets each of 9 different stickers. These stickers are perfect for address labels, collages, and jazzing up your planner. Crafted using high-quality sticker paper, with their elegantly simple designs, these letterpress stickers exude visual refinement.

The sticker backing is yellow, giving the impression of an eggshell hue, but the actual stickers are white.

Content: 4 sheets of each design (total 9 designs); 36 stickers

Size: 91×55mm

Designed and Printed by Oeda Letterpress

Made in Japan


**Please Note:**

Due to the cutting process, dust particles might cling to the sides. We take care to remove as much dust as possible and package them in thin paper within the box. We kindly ask for your understanding. When storing, handle with care to prevent dust accumulation.