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nyret Washi Tape: Sample Pack C-G


A perfect and affordable way to see and feel these captivating washi tapes in person. 

Unsure of the patterns, textures or colours of these beautiful tapes? Not sure what the tapes really look like or which to choose? This sample pack provides a selection of the washi tapes by nyret design, two cycle or loop for each design. 

Each tape exudes a clean and elegant aesthetic design, characterised by soft lines, graceful curve and a minimalist allure. Thoughtfully structured, the designer exhibits precise arrangements, orientations, and typesetting through these tapes, showcasing the designer’s talent for creating visually pleasing and functional creations.

These washi tapes (except the number washi tape) come with backing paper/release liner on each of them, allow you to cut and keep each design easier. 

 For full roll: Design C | Design D | Design E | Design F | Design G


Size (width): C,D,E,F (30mm); G (20mm)

Designed by nyret

Made in China