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modaizhi 默代誌

modaizhi Rubber Stamp - Opps! Little Mishap!


Introducing the Oops Little Mishaps Rubber Stamps by modaizhi! Just like the excitement of a twist capsule machine, these stamps come to you randomly, adding an element of surprise to your crafting experience. (No repeated designs if purchase more than one) 

In our lives, there are always moments of happiness, but of course, there are also not-so-happy moments. We believe that sharing and expressing our not-so-happy experiences is important! 

These rubber stamps feature relatable and humorous illustrations that capture those little misfortunes we encounter in our everyday lives. Through playful characters, we exaggerate and present these mishaps in a lighthearted way.

From getting blown away by strong winds to finding only one lonely chip left in a potato chip bag, these stamps showcase those small inconveniences we can all relate to. But remember, it's okay to not be okay!

Embrace the Oops Little Mishaps Rubber Stamps and use them to add a touch of humour and authenticity to your crafts, journals, and other creative projects. Share a laugh with others as you express those relatable moments that make us human. Remember, it's all part of life's quirky journey, and sometimes even the little mishaps can bring a smile to our faces.

Size: 4x2.5cm; 2.5x2.5cm; 2.0x3.0cm

Designed by modaizhi

Made in Taiwan