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modaizhi 默代誌

modaizhi One Day Rubber Stamp - Famous Painting


Step into the captivating world of art history with this latest collection by modaizhiExplore renowned masterpieces and artistic styles, all infused with the unique touch from One Day Series.

In the series, diligently advancing towards mastery in the art world! From the iconic elegance of "The Birth of Venus" to the mesmerising gaze of "Girl with a Pearl Earring", each stamp in this collection embodies the essence of these celebrated works.

Great for adding extra touches to your journal pages and outgoings. Each is also a thoughtful gift for art and stationery lover, letter-writers, or someone you would love to share with.

Size: 30x50mm; 40x50mm; 50x50mm

Designed by modaizhi

Made in Taiwan