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Meow Illustration

Meow Illustration Botanical Rubber Stamp Collection


These beautiful wooden rubber stamp of exquisite botanical designs illustrated by Australia based watercolour illustrator, Carol, who hopes to ignite your crafting journey through her beautiful artworks.

These stamps give you fantastic detailed flora designs, great for adding elegant and delicate touches to your pages, craft projects, letters, tags, invitations cards and anything else you could think of - the possibilities are endless!

Use these rubber stamps on their own as a how they are, or in combination with other rubber stamps (such as background stamps, lines or borders), stickers, washi tapes, or your hand-written message & quotes. You could also add some different colour of ink pads on the stamps to make them more lively and create something more than what they are!


A - When the wind blows, the dancing daisy and dandelion in the wind and bringing the seeds of dreams.

B - "I wish to become a tree in my next life", the flower who dances in the wind says.

C - Would I able to store the Spring by collecting grass which has lots of branches and leaves?

D - I think there is an uninvited guest came with the coriander that I picked from the paddy

E - Growing some flora in my favourite mocha pot, I think it looks great!


Size (cm):

(A) 8x5.5x2; (B) 8x4x2; (C) 6x3x2 cm;

(D) 4x3.5x2 cm; (Mushroom & the bunny) 3x4.5x2 cm; (Moka pot) 6x4x2 cm

Designed by Meow Illustration

Made in Taiwan