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MD Stickers - Monster


Enhance your creative journey with these exquisite washi stickers from Midori, adding a touch of charm to your journal pages, outgoing mail, or any art project! ♪

These semi-transparent stickers open up a world of possibilities for crafting intricate and fun designs. With various sizes and an array of patterns, decorating your notebook becomes an enjoyable and creative experience.

These semi-transparent stickers can be overlaid to craft more fun design. You can find varying sizes and multitude of patterns, ensures an enjoyable process of decorating a notebook. 

This sticker set features whimsical illustrations inspired by UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animals) like slimes, Yetis, Bigfoots, and Nessie.

A compact size of sticker sheet, ideal for monthly blocks, or filling the empty spaces. We believe these stickers could be a lot of fun to adorn your pages and outgoings. The richness of colours would also became an expressions of visual elegance.


Content: 2 sheet

Material: washi

Size: H180×W89×D1mm

Designed by Midori