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MD Pocket Diary 2022 - Vehicle (B6)

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A fun vehicle diary that you want to at least ride once!

Prepare for a year of fun with these adorable characters who wear triangle hats and ride with different vehicles every month!

They are neither draft nor fairy, they are a lot of them and their existences are mysterious including their genders and ages. They are good in all form of sports, always laughing and running around the "world of vehicles".

While maintaining the high quality cover, the white fabric is printed with checkered pattern in light grey colour, giving it an elegant impression. 

The 2022 edition starts off with tiger bus inspired by the safari park. There are many fun and exciting riders as the seasons change. Various types of popular vehicles such steam trains run in the smoke cloud are included for the year. Have a fun year on different rides with this portable Midori pocket diary!

「Start your happy days with this datebook and enjoy everyday life leaving a lot of pleasant memories.」

This B6 Vehicle Pocket Diary is the biggest size among all available sizes. It also comes with useful colourful monthly index same as Mini Slim and Slim sizes. 

It starts with a 2 pages yearly schedule (which applies to all other sizes), then follows by a month and then weekly schedule page + memo page and so on. Its weekly schedule pages comes with a free memo page (with lines) on the right page. It is a great companion for a person who needs a daily organisation with some flexible outline! 

Same as all other sizes of Vehicle Pocket Diary, it ends with memo pages, Japan railway maps, and personal details page (perhaps someone will return your lovely pocket diary for you if you drop it somewhere else.

Click here to view some of the inner pages!


Schedule Periods: 

Monthly Planner: October 2021 - January 2023

Weekly Planner: Jan 2022 - Dec 2022


Yearly Schedule; Monthly Schedule; Memo Pages; Japan Railway Maps; Personal Info Page

Materials: PVC; MD Paper

H175 × W123 × D12 mm