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MD Label Sticker Book for Paintable Stamp


These MD Sticker Books are perfectly designed for MD Paintable Stamp. These sticker book comes with six types of designs in four colours each. 

This sticker book features thoughtfully designed size and shape, along with triangle mark on top that allows easy alignment with the paintable stamp. 


Once you stamped the design on sticker book, you can remove it and stick on your diary, notebook or planner without worrying the ink penetrating through. 

The sticker book is removable, so you can use it to decorate any surface you like, without leaving any residue behind. With its ability to stick to curved surfaces, our sticker memo is the perfect choice for adding a personal touch to bottles. Great for using as gift label, decoration, marker,  and usual memo sticky notes. 

The papers have perforated lines on the top part, you could choose the paper freely without worrying the separation of the whole product. 

You could also pair them with your washi tapes and/or Midori Paintable Stamps for full enjoyment.


Content: 24 sheets

Size: H140 x W70 x D4mm

Designed by Midori