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Kyupodo 九ポ堂

Kyupodo Post Office on the Cloud Washi Tapes


The name of “Kyupodo (九ポ堂)” originated from the 9 Point in the size of typographic fonts range. The founder have produced different types of fancy, creative and interesting products by using the 9 Point fonts and the typographic machine that was owed by his grandfather.

Each roll of Kyupodo (九ポ堂) washi tapes has a theme, and each of the patterns on these washi tapes is full of creativity and imagination. These beautiful washi tapes will be great for decoration in your journal entries, outgoings, gift wrapping and more. It would be eye-catching if you cut off each design and use it to decorate like an old-fashioned stamp.


Size: 3.2cm x 5m

Designed by Kyupodo (九ポ堂)

Made in Japan