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Kyupodo 九ポ堂

Kyupodo Post Office on the Cloud Notepad - Morning Letter


The name of “Kyupodo (九ポ堂)” originated from the 9 Point in the size of typographic fonts range. The founder have produced different types of fancy, creative and interesting products by using the 9 Point fonts and the typographic machine that was owed by his grandfather.

This booklet features 80 pages of unique and eye-catching illustrations around the theme of post office on the cloud. Whether as a notepad to write down your thoughts, an outgoing mail, or decorations for journal pages and outgoings, they will definitely become an expressions of visual elegance. It is irresistible not only for paper lovers, but also for anyone who loves adorable things and makes a unique gift for people who are looking for something different.


Content: 80pages (4 designs x 20)

Size: 15x10cm

Designed by Kyupodo (九ポ堂)

Made in Japan