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wenyea's illustration

Kopitiam Mornings Washi Sticker


KOPITIAM ; KOPI = coffee {malay} & TIAM = shop {hokkien}

Share the amazing foods and unique local breakfast culture through these amazing stickers! This sticker features beautifully drawn illustrations of various kopitiam food and objects that look as appealing as the real classic kopitiam scenery. 

They could be a lot of fun to adorn your pages, outgoings, art projects or any other occasion. The richness of colours would became expressions of visual elegance and adding alluring retro vibes.

Do check out WenYea's beautiful expressions on her love for kopitiam through her notepad and postcard project too! 


About WenYea

Wen Yea (@wenyeafrom Malaysia has started her journaling journey since 2012. As Wen Yea enjoy expressing her days in analogue style, her pages are always delicately filled with her handwritings and watercolour illustrations. 


Sticker Sheet Size: approx. H150×W100mm

Designed by Wen Yea